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Mining Sector

As mining investment brokers we work with Government, Special Grant/Concession holders and subsequently partner them with international mining companies interested in investing in Zimbabwe's mineral resources, for an equity stake in any project we successfully conclude.

We only undertake projects on an Exclusive Mandate Agreement.

Our interest is mining projects in platinum, coal, chrome, gold, diamonds, oil & gas, iron ore and nickle. We are willing to explore any commercially viable resource on a case by case basis.

Our preference would be larger projects than smaller ones, but we will nonetheless explore smaller to medium options, although our bias is towards large to very large projects.

Project selection will be determined by value factors such as depth of the deposit, concentration / yield per tonne, life of the mine, the resource estimate etc.

As a starting point therefore for Zimbabwean Special Grant/Concession holders:
  1. Click here to download the Project Overview document (MS. Word doc.)

  2. Then send us the completed desktop project overview documents and any other relevant project documents (in electronic format such as MS Word, Excel or PDF - emailed or sent on flash/compact disc). Content should include detailed geological and resource estimate reports. [learn more...]

  3. Send by —Email to the Projects team at:

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