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Project Guidelines

Basic guidelines to attract potential investors and guarantee project success.

Compliance and Reporting

  • Codes sets out standards and guidelines for Public Reporting of Mineral Asset Valuations e.g. SAMREC; SAMVAL; Ni43-101; JORC
  • The code is applicable to the reporting of all styles of solid mineralization/mineral assets.
  • The code is based on best practices of the minerals industry and allows for professional judgment in certain instances.
  • The objective of the code is that Mineral Asset Valuations should be performed by appropriately qualified persons and all relevant information is fully disclosed.
  • “Valuation” in the code is related to the value or worth of a Mineral Asset as opposed to “evaluation” where the objective is an economic assessment of the economic merit of an Asset.

Mine Site image.
What are the Compliance Codes

  • Technical Reporting Codes;
  • Standards for Valuations of mineral assets,
  • Financial Reporting Standards (accounting standards)
  • Know the rules;
  • Anticipate surprises (risk);
  • Keep the market informed.

Code of Practice.

  • Aim to work according to internationally recognised standards.
  • Correct information increases efficiency and saves money.
  • Don't waste money, get the quality management right - first time.
  • Reports should be - Honest/Accountable/ Responsible/Transparent
Life Cycle of a Mining Investment Diagram
Phased approach to reducing risk.

  • Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Laboratory
  • Then Reporting
More about Exploration stages.

  • Desk top study/review
  • Site Visit
  • Drilling/Logging
  • Sample Splitting
  • Sample Preparation
  • Warehousing (core storage)
  • Geochemical Analyses (Assay)
  • Data Management
  • Ore Resource Estimation
  • Financial Modelling

More about Financial Modelling.

  • Cash Flow models for determining NPV.
  • Budgets for mine capex and operating costs.
  • Metal price forecasts.
  • Inflation, exchange rate, and tax assumptions.
  • Environmental rehabilitation liability implications.

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