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I want to invest in Zimbabwe's Mineral Resources

Mining Projects


We are mining brokers and offer local partnership structures to foreign investors interested in Zimbabwe's mineral resources.

We are best positioned to be the foreign investor’s indigenous equity partner.

The foreign partner brings in the:-

• Capital and
• Technical expertise.

We in turn:-

• Manage the acquisition of mining rights and mining concessions.
• Manage the geopolitics.

Our interest is mining projects in chrome, coal, diamonds cutting and polishing, gold, iron ore, oil & gas and platinum. We are however willing to explore any commercially viable resource on a case by case basis.

Zimbabwe has a well documented rich mineral base which is partially explored.
During the decade long political and economic turmoil ending 2009 a lot of ‘mineral pregnant’ land has been abandoned and now lies idle.
The time to regroup and harness these assets is NOW as the dust is beginning to settle – this is no false dawn – Zimbabweans and shrewd investors stand a chance to make astronomical gains by forming strategic partnerships with locals and taking to the mines before the flood gates open and opportunities become more difficult to grasp.


Zimbabwe is noted for its variety of economic minerals. The country is an important world producer of gold, platinum, chrome, lithium, asbestos and caesium, mines high quality emerald and for many years was the world’s largest producer of corundum for which demand is now fading in the face of competition from synthetic materials. The Bikita complex is one of the world’s largest lithium deposits.

There is a long history of mining; ancient workings scattered through many parts of the country point to the extraction of gold, copper and iron prior to the arrival of white settlers in the late nineteenth century. Modern mining began in 1892 when gold was produced in the Masvingo area and by 1984 over 40 different metals, industrial minerals and gemstones were being produced in the country.

The two most valuable minerals to the country over this period have consistently been gold and asbestos. Smelters and refineries process ores of nickel, copper, chrome and tin into finished materials for export and internal use, and iron ore is processed in the ZISCO steelworks at Redcliff into a range of iron and steel products.

The Great Dyke, which cuts through the centre of the country, has potential for platinum production and is a huge resource of high-grade chromite ore – Zimbabwe has the world’s largest known resource of high-chromium ores, these are held mainly within the great dyke, and in 1984 was the fifth largest producer of chrome.

The ‘recently discovered’ Chiyadzwa Diamond fields are yet to be ‘officially’ surveyed but are said to be nearly as large as the Botswana deposits.

Zimbabwe is well endowed with coal resources. Over 11 billion tonnes of in situ coal reserves occur within Zimbabwe, of which 2.5 billion tonnes are considered to be opencastable. Over 90% of the reserves lie in the Middle Zambezi basin.
The only area in the country that has been exploited for its coal resources is that known as the reduced Wankie Coal Concession.

Rio Tinto Plc. which holds a special grant over Sengwa South Deposit should start serious production once mining development is complete. There is also potential for the construction of an ammonium-from-coal plant to produce fertilizers and explosives.

In light of the above, we believe that venturing into mining presents the largest ‘open cheque’ opportunity for the nation and mining companies.

In short - The government’s empowerment drive must be seized with all ‘three hands’, such an opportunity cannot be described as rare. Maybe we can call it unique, making the strictest use of the word.

An opportunity this great may possibly never knock on the door of Zimbabweans ever again.

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