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About Our Purpose

Our business is investing and initiating projects from conception.

As an investment holding company our purpose is to achieve two main objectives:

  • The first is a homeostatic business model–the idea of grafting float (capital from subsidiaries) onto the holding company so that it can respond internally to the changing environment.
  • The second is power of compounding as float and investments are doubled and redoubled over time.

  • Focus. This is the only factor that matters in achieving our goals. An intensity that is the price of excellence.

We see our structure as a partnership with like minded shareholders built on a seamless web of deserved trust, with an investment portfolio buried inside an interlocked set of businesses whose capital can be moved at will, all of them turbo charged with “float”.
About Our Vision & Mission
  To Ignite Prosperity.
  To Ignite Passion for Wealth Creation.
  To do ordinary things, extraordinarily well,
  and to produce extraordinary results for the
  benefit of all our stakeholders - our clients,
  our shareholders, our employees.

  • Investment Philosophy
    We practice a selective contrarian investment strategy. We are interested only when a company has exceptional business economics working in its favour and a contrarian stock price. There our basic investment philosophy is contrarian in nature, with the caveat that the companies be exceptional businesses that possess durable competitive advantage. The philosophy requires one to go against the basic human instinct to make a “quick buck”. No matter how intelligent most people are, the nature of the beast ultimately controls their investment decisions.
About Our Values

In everything we do, we strive to reflect the unique qualities of our purpose.

It means we will…

  • Be Passionate. We will be exhilarated in the companies we invest, the challenges we face and the opportunities we create.
  • Pull Together. Being united in purpose and action, we will turn the diversity of our people, skills and experience into an unparalleled source of strength.
  • Build Trust. We will always listen first, and then act with openness, honesty and integrity.
  • Show We Care. The people whose lives we touch, their communities and nations and the environment we share, all matter deeply to us.
  • Shape the Future. We will find new ways. We will set demanding targets and take both tough decisions and considered risks to achieve them. We will insist on executional excellence and reward those who deliver.

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